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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  October 8, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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broken windows, trashed cars and anti-war protests take a violent turn in oakland. good evening. i'm ama dates. the protesters have now left the scene near oakland city hall. abc7 news reporter thomas roman was there and shows us what happened. >> this is damage to oakland city hall that was done by anti-war protesters organized by oakland occupy. the march and rally turned into protest against banks and cars. four cars were trashed. this bmw with a smashed windshield belongs to grace nguyen. >> i don't know what message they are sending. they need to educate themselves. i don't know how they believe they are part of the 1%. we are hard-working people, average people. >> the rally started at city hall at 6:00 p.m. and then 250 protesters
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marched up 14th street on a destructive rampage according to captain david downing. joy they went up franklin street and back down telegraph and back down to city hall. quickly smashed city hall and our police building here, and then immediately dissipated in different directions. >> they broke the windows at the at&t building and smashed windows at the recruiting station and threw bombs at the bank building along the way. they attacked the california bank and trust. >> we have been told by california bank security that each one of these windows cost $6,000 to replace. the protesters broke 12 of these windows tonight. that's $72,000 in damage here alone. oaknd la police were not -- oakland police were not prepared , so they had to make do with the officers they could muster in a short time. >> if we don't feel we can safely approach the crowd of 250 without the officers getting hurt and also innocent
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savilleen whys we need to take a wait and watch situation. >> the rampage only lasted half an hour. not enough time to call in mutual aid. in oaknd la, thomas roman, abc7 news. >> san francisco police say many of the protesters arrested yesterday after a violent street march downtown are members of an anarchist gang. about 20 arrests were made after they vandalized businesses, cars and other property. police say they were assaulted with projectiles that included bags of rocks mixed with paint. a family launches an on-line effort to find a killer after their mother was found murdered in her home. susie was found dead on friday night. abc7 news reporter lilian kim joins us live from hercules with the latest. lilian? >> ama, we are in front of the home, and it is still cordoned off. there is a memorial in front of the property that has grown considerably since susie's death. they have been on the phones and on the internet virtually nonstop. following up on leads and
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doing everything they can to spread the word about their mother's murder. >> like i said earlier, you can't just have your mom go so suddenly and not doing anything about it. you have to fight. >> 55-year-old susie co was found dead in her home on friday night. her family says she was stabbed. the neighbor disyou ever cked co's body after getting word she never showed up at the airport to pick up her husband. her children suspect the person or people responsible entered the house through an unlocked sliding door knowing full well she was often home alone. her husband works full time in idaho. >> my mom was living there by herself for quite some time. everyone who happened to pass by might have brought someone with them who was keen on these observations and taken advantage of that. >> one key piece of evidence is missing. her light blue 2011 subaru out
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back with the license plate number 1a1f680. her children posted pictures on a website they created and a facebook event page which has been seen by at least 5 -- 5,000 people so far. >> it is hard talking about her. i want to break down every time i think about it. i am here to focus on calling for action and focusing on finding this car and the person who did it. >> the family plans to hold a candlelight vigil at the home tomorrow at 8:30. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. a man is under arrest after police say he assaulted a woman in san francisco's golden gate park. officers say the man grabbed a woman around the waist near mallard lake. she broke away unharmed. police chased the man and pepper sprayed him when he resisted. they pulled 14 cats and a dog from a house fire after
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two residents escaped the blaze. firecrews responded to the 300 block of irvington street. two of the cats died from smoke inhalation. the entire mess involving suspended san francisco sheriff ross mercurimi happened last week. they will discuss whether to remove him from office. he pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor related to a domestic violence incident involving his wife eliana lopez last new year's eve. california drivers suffered through a second straight day of record gas prices, but help could be on the way. gas prices in the golden state have jumped 50 cents a gallon over the past week. reasons range from the shutdown of one refinery due to power problems to the switch from summer to winter blend gas. whatever the reason, drivers are angry and resigned. >> i didn't even get like 10 gallons with $42. >> we live in a state that is very restrictive. it costs more to build here, costs more to do business
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here, costs more to buy gas here. >> the statewide average of regular gas today was $4.65. governor brown ordered the selling of cheaper winter gas to start sooner than usual. senator feinstein asked the federal trade commission to investigate the recent price hike. somebody in placer county didn't want to pay for gas, so they took it. they got away with nearly a thousand gallons of gas. they disabled the gas meter and pumped $300 gallons of gas. they then came back twice more for an additional $700. $700. the gas station owner says he is out about $4500. and let's get to leigh glaser for a check on our weather and how the workweek is shaping up. hi, leigh. >> we are going to see some changes as we head toward the tuesday-wednesday time frame. let's look at live doppler 7hd. low clouds and a bit of fog moving in near the golden gate bridge. and san jose reporting some high and midlevel clouds. current readings right now generally in the 50s.
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57 in san francisco and 58 in san rafael. we are recording a few 60s out toward the inland areas. antioch 61 degrees, and 59 in san jose. accu-weather seven-day forecast includes more clouds and a chance of maybe a few sprinkles around here. we'll take a look at it coming up. >> leigh, thank you so much. a tough weekend for the giants as the national league west champs lost their second straight playoff game to cinncinati. >> and the cinncinati reds take care of business on the road. they win two in a row from the san francisco giants. >> grr. now the giants need to win three straight to survive, and the next two games are in cinncinati. abc7 sports anchor mike shumann will have the highlights ahead in sports. a busy weekend for spectators around the bay started in the an exhibition of the blue angels ended fleet week this san francisco.
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tens of thousands watched from marina green to candlestick park to around the bay. the fleet week celebration has been a tradition in san francisco since 1981. but it has never been a weekend like this. on the water, the america's cup races were a perfect complement. oracle racing is the winner of the super sunday fleet finale as san francisco prepares to host the america's cup next year. some more on the other big events that took place in san francisco as the abc7 news at 11 continues. and the stars come out for president obama in los angeles. what's ahead for him this week in the bay area. and new details about the meningitis scare and why one company that could be behind the problem is now pulling all of its products off the shelves. and the space resupply mission to the international spacestation and how you can
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president obama was on a fundraising swing in california. tomorrow they will be in san francisco. no stoping signs are springing up outside the inter continental hotel and the bill graham civic auditorium. the president will host the event in the hotel at 4:00 and move to the auditorium at 5:00 for a fundraising concert. with a month to go until the election there is no rest for either candidate. karen travers has the latest on the campaign trail. >> california is safely in president obama's corner, but he is not there looking for votes. he is raising campaign cash, a lot of it. >> are you fired up?
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>> tonight the stars came out. george clooney, stevie wonder, jon bon jovi and katie perry are on hand to support the president's re-election. >> everything we fought for in 2008 is on the line. and i need your help to finish what we started. >> if will be a lucrative california swing. over two days the obama campaign is expected to raise a minimum of $9.5 million. no surprise that the president is shattering fundraising records. last month the president's campaign in the democratic party raised $181 million. bringing his re-election total to $835 million. romney's raised at least $548 million so far. mitt romney spent a second consecutive day asking for votes in florida. >> thank you. >> the republican contender is riding some momentum from last week's debate. huey has drawn his biggest
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crowds of the campaign. 6,000 in orlando and 8,000 in port saint lucy. >> you had a chance to hear his answers or his nonanswers. now days later we are hearing his excuses and next january we will be watching him leave the white house for the last time. >> this week it is the running mates' turn to debate. abc news, washington. >> you don't have to wait until november to vote. early voting in california starts tomorrow. by law vote by mail starts 29 days before the election and that's monday. you can also go to your county election office and cast a ballot. tomorrow is columbus day meaning some county election offices will be closed. october 22nd is the deadline to register to vote. the hundreds of venezuela nationals who voted at the consulate in san francisco learned that hugo chavez has been elected to another six-year term. the venezuela electoral council declared him victorious with 54% of the vote. he has been president of
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venezuela since 1999. a bit of excitement for space lovers today. >> two, one,. liftoff. >> with an eargo a cargo ship named "dragon" took off from cape canaveral to resupply the international spacestation. this is the first of 12 resupply missions contracted with nasa with the space company x. they are relying on private business to resupply the spacestation since the shuttles are retired. and nasa has a part of its website where you can check the time of the spacestation passing overhead. in san francisco on monday night look up at 8:31 to see the spacestation. on tuesday night it is 7:42. the website is nasa .gaov. nasa .gov. punch in the state and the city. the drama is building for pumpkin fanatics. tomorrow is the world championship pumpkin weigh off. it is the art and pumpkin festival. there is some big competition,
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and we do mean big. last year's winning gourd set a new record at 1,704. that, my friends, is a lot of pie. >> leigh is checking our weather. a lot of people might want to see the spacestation over the next couple days. >> a little cloudy and a little tough. >> we had a terrific weekend. the cutoff low off the coast is spinning about itself. it kept the low clouds and the fog well off the coast. but things are going to change. we will see more cloud cover. the high definition east bay cam is showing you almost a clear sky across the bay. but live doppler 7hd is showing you some clouds advancing. some very dense fveloping in ths developing in the north bay. we had reduced visibility in the area this morning. more than likely we will see it again tomorrow morning. so if you do have to do that early-morning commute, i know a lot of people have holiday tomorrow, but if you do, make sure that you allow for some
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extra drive time. especially over the golden gate bridge. these clouds will move up toward gilroy and the hollister area. that's because of the cutoff low just off the coast. 61 right now in antioch. it is 59 in oakland and 57 san francisco. already 48 degrees in half moon bay. that's pretty much your temperature throughout the course of the overnight hour. 53 in santa rosa and 59 in san jose. our forecast is taking you through the middle portion of our workweek. clouds and the dense valley fog in our north bay. a little cooler for all of us. a few more clouds on monday. and then we will bring uh slight chance of maybe a few sprinkles, a chance of a brief shower in the south bay tuesday, lingering possibly into wednesday morning. it is all because of this cutoff low. we were watching it spinning all weekend long. it will help to drive the low clouds and fog away from the coast. nice visibility, but as this
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moves a little by monday afternoon we will notice that we will see a little more of a cooler air mass and a few more clouds. this is 3:00 tomorrow afternoon, but check out by tuesday. this will start to move to the south, and as it does you can see the moisture feed here. it will be drawn up from san jose points southward. there is a chance of a sprinkle or stray shower tuesday through early morning wednesday morning. and then by wednesday afternoon it will go to southern california, and our chances of seeing any measurable amount of precipitation will lessen. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m., you will notice the dense across much of the bay area. it clears out nicely by 3:00. so expect some sunshine tomorrow afternoon. the lows tomorrow 40s in the north bay and 50s elsewhere. tomorrow afternoon antioch, maybe not as warm as today. a few degrees cooler. we will go with 73 degrees there. 72 for fairfield. mixture of sun and clouds for santa rosa tomorrow. 62 for san francisco.
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65 for san mateo. 59 for half moon bay with overcast there. san jose 70 degrees. 67 for santa cruz and 74 for gilroy. my accu-weather seven-day forecast, subtle changes as we get into tuesday and wednesday as i mentioned. the clouds will be with us, slight chance of a shower mainly in the south bay. temperatures come down a little on thursday, and then we will cloud things back up on friday, and then warm things up for our weekend back up to the 70s inland. and it is not too late to win $49,000 from abc7. these people are taking the chance. alma-s and betty j of san francisco have all entered to our facebook page. 2k3w0 to news. and click on the win $49,000. that will take you to this page. you can fill out the entry form, and of course we will announce the winner on october 18th after the 49er game right here on abc7. and also want to mention mike
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niko will be here 4:30 to 7:00 a.m. on the abc7 morningnk you,. >> thank you, leigh. shumann is here with sports. do the giants -- did the giants play? >> they should have, but they didn't play. the giants are not playing like a potential world series team. he shutdown the giants' lumber. outstanding performance putting them in an 0-2 hole.úd
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it is not looking good for our local 9's. the giants hosting the reds game two and the g-men have never looked so anemic on offense. even the rally towels won't help out. madison baumgardne. 1 and 16 with his career second hit. 1-0 cincy. arroyo shutdown the giants. no runs no runs and four strikeouts. cinncinati tacks on three more
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in the fourth. he brings in two with this single. four innings and four runs and four strikeouts and tim lincecum getting ready in the bull pen after an out. there was some confusion as to whether he was supposed to get in the game. but he struck out hannigan in the 6th. two innings of work for timmy. that was the only thing the giants fans could cheer. five runs and two on the double by jay bruce. reds take a commanding 2-0 series lead with a 9-0 victory. they can close out the giants on tuesday in cinncinati. >> you are not comfortable at all until it is over. we have been there before. it is hard to take the last breath out of anything. >> we talked about before the post season started that we would have to -- it was probably going to happen. we would have our backs to the wall. the motto is never give up. we will go out and keep battling. cardinals hosting a national game. st. louis lead in the eighth.
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two on with two outs and tyler moore with a little single. both runners score in game one for the cards. 3-2 your final. the a's won six straight games to get into the playoffs. they have lost two straight to the tigers with too many unearned runs. they are giving it away. motown is known for its soul, but it was rocking today. the four mentioned unearned runs. two on and two out for miguel cabrera. he pops it up. he has a beat on it, but he drops it. 3-2 tigers. the a's rally in the eighth. he stole second and third and the throw is wild. he scores from third. we are tied at three. the next pitch and 3-2 count on reddick. he looks like the hero as oakland takes the lead. the third lead of the day. the bottom of eight with two outs. the throw gets away and don kelly scores and we have a 4-4 ballgame. bases loaded with one out. he just scored the tieing run. a sack fly and it scores
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enponte. it was a 5-4 victory and they can close out the a's at the coliseum. >> we just need to win a game. we just need to go home and concentrate on tuesday. if you start thinking about three games ahead you lose the focus on tuesday's game. >> well said. other alds series, division rivals, the yankees and o's. this game is tied at two and he dislifers a solo shot top of nine. yankees win it 7-2 and they lead the series 1-0. we will take our final timeout before we hit the gridiron as the 49ers blew out the bills with a record 621 yards of total offense.
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the 49ers set new standards in their cake walk victory. 21 yards of total offense. this is the stat i like, first time in 51 years they had a 300-yard passer and 100 yard rusher and 2, 100-yard
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receivers. breast cancer awareness month in the nfl. niners haven't lost at home since week two of last year. second quarter and smith finds williams. 43 yards and 10-3 niners. had 237 yards passing. after a fumble recovery 30 second had left in the half. it was michael crabtree's first td in the year. frank gore, 14 carries and 106 yards. finally, the fourth quarter and 16 yards by himself with a touchdown. niners first time in franchise history with 300 yards passing and rushing in the same game. tort 5-3 the final and they improve to 4 and 1. >> defense holding to three points. i mean offensively it could have been even better. the crazy thing, a lot of penalty yards. big plays called back. that's the scary thing. it could have been worse.
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>> that is scary. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. coming up later in this newscast, your plays of the day. see you then. >> thank you, shu. still to come on abc news at 11:00 -- well, actually i want to point out be want to share your photos of fans. isn't that cute? the two in their a's ball caps there. whether you are an a's fan or giants fan send it to you report at or share them with us at news or twitter at abc7 news bay area. still to come, the nation's meningitis scare continues to escalate. the new cases and the california clinics linked to the problem. and a freak accident at a hot air balloon festival. what caused caused a balloon to go up in flames. and some couples get carried away in main.>ñ?x?xpcs6
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i'm ama dates. in tonight's headlines, a group of 200 war protesters smashed windows and threw paint in oakland including city hall. protesters also broke windshields and slashed tires on cars on west grand avenue. it is supposed to coincide with the car in afghanistan. the family of murdered hercules resident susie coe is trying to find their mom's killer. she was stabbed to death in their family home on friday night and their family car is missing. it is a blue subaru hatch back with idaho license plates. there may be relief for sky rocketing gas prices. governor jerry brown ordered cheaper winter blend gasoline to be sold sooner than usual. it was the second straight dave record prices. the average for a gallon of regular was $4.71. the deadly outbreak of
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meningitis is spreading. in the last 24 hours, 27 more people have become sick. that brings the total number of cases to 91. seven people have died. and now the massachusetts company that made the steroid shot behind the outbreak is recalling every single product it makes. abc news reporter mark greenblat. >> the pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak announced a voluntary recall of every product it makes. saying this action is being taken out of an abundance of caution due to the potential risk of contamination. >> i am scared. >> the number of meningitis patients jumping today from 64 to 91 confirmed cases in nine states with seven confirmed deaths. the outbreak beg a a contaminated shipment of drugs from the new england compounding center. that drug injected into the spine for back pain was contaminated with a fungus that can go from the spinal fluid up to the brain causing a rare form of meningitis. the company is one thousand
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of -- of thousands of pharmacies that mix their own medicines, but don't have to meet fda standards. the idea is to let some taylor make drugs for those who need a special blend, like those with allergies. it is not the first linked to these pharmacies. nine patients died in alabama after receiving a feeding solution made by the pharmacy contaminated with bacteria. but the former chief council of the fda says the industry has been eye jacked by those now just making cheap copies of safer drugs. >> these individuals are no different than counterfeiters. instead of manufacturing fake rolexs, they are manufacturing fake drugs. >> as for the latest victims, janet russell's family in nashville is praying she will pull through. >> everybody and going through the same thing. it is just hard. it >> four facilities this california are among those who received the shipment of the potentially contaminated
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drugs. they list a surgery center in vie sale yaw and where patients could be exposed. other clinics are in palmdale and encino. california's first and only african-american lieutenant governor has died. the trenidad born man rose to power in the early 1960s in southern california. he was the state's second in command in 1974 when jerry brown won his first term as governor. he was 86 years old. a hot air balloon festival in arizona had some scary moments when one of the balloons caught fire. it happened during the annual carefree hot a. festival. a balloon was being filled up with propane when the tether broke snapped. that caused the flames to ignite the side of the balloon. it managed on steer the balloon away from the crowd and landed a half mile away. no one was injured. a long weekend of events is coming to a close tonight from fleet week and america's cup to parades and festivals.
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hundreds of thousands of people flowed into the city this weekend. sergio quintana looks at some of the activity. >> blue angels speeding overhead is usually the only thing audiences have to pay attention to on fleet week. but today they did have some competition. >> add the super speed and the really loud. >> the fans of america's cup got a pre race airshow. and then the team set sail for the latest stage of the competition. >> when it was on tv we watched it. we decided how often is it here? >> sailing and aerial acrobatics would be plenty for a fun weekend, but keep in mind that this is a big bay weekend. >> they added some of their own flying for the castro street fair and even on such a busy weekend people drove in to be here. >> we thought it was going to be so bad and everyone thought the traffic would be horrible. there are 10 million things happening. literally we got here quicker than we normally do.
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>> with so much going on, public transportation became one of the most sensible ways of navigating the city. and that includes music bands who made their way to golden gate park. for those who chose to spend the full weekend, lodging was at a premium. >> i did have to look a lot to find a deal, and i still paid for the you know what. >> and if there was -- as if there wasn't enough going on, the italian parade added one more attraction. to get an idea how busy it has been, i checked with san francisco muni. they tell me they had 100,000 more fares sold yesterday than on a typical saturday. that's a jump of about 50%. bart tells me they actually had a ridership record. they had 120,000 more people than on a typical saturday, a jump of about a third. abc7 news. well, down in san jose,
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14,000 runners took to the streets for the seventh annual rock and roll half marathon. the course is.1 mile course is considered one of the fastest in the nation withy lease runners in the field again this year. still to come on abc7 news, the medical research that is unlocking the secrets to building a human heart. and a husband, a wife and a lot of hurdles. the annual competition that brings couples together. >> and parts of the bay area could possibly see a few sprinkles this upcoming workweek. and if you are headed to southern california, take the umbrella. you justñ/&ñfñ!ñx@ññcús1@ú?
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people understand how easy it is to break a heart, but how about making one? researchers developed a blueprint they say could have a profound affect on how we treat heart disease. health and eye yens report -- and science reporter carolyn johnson has the story jie. even through a microscope there is no mistaking the rythmic beating. these cells were created in a bay area lab, and they helped researchers unlock the secrets of how a heart becomes a heart. >> it helps to have a blueprint to know what switches exist, how they are connected and would they turn on or shut off? >> so his team at san francisco's gladstone institute set out to map the genetic switches locked in the dna of embreonic stem cells to see how a stem cell becomes a heart cell. >> so these modifications are
2:45 am
setting the right switches to turn genes on or off so that a heart cell in this case gains its heart identity. >> jeffrey alexzander coaxed the stem cells from mice to beating heart cells. the process done in a petri dish is growth factors that mimics the environment. it is not always a precise science. >> you know, my weekends sometimes would hinge on whether i came in and sold beating cells or not. >> wons they had enough of the beating cells they began watching them as they grew and developed painstakingly extracting their dna and cataloging the genetic changes, a process made possible only by the development of powerful new gene sequencing technology. >> the human genome that was announced cost $3 billion to sequence one individual's dna. and now we can do the same person's dna in a week for $3,000. >> still it took massive
2:46 am
networks of computers to organize the data into a color coded genetic blueprint detailing the creation of a heart cell. while having a genetic heart cell macon jury them up, they may be repairing them or heading off birth defects in babies before they are even born. >> we potentially could. part of the attraction to understanding this blueprint, especially this type of blueprint is that it is very aminable -- amenable. >> they hope to study the dna of patients born with congenital heart disease. the goal is to find out what caused the heart defect, and possibly identify treatments that could turn the switches back to normal of the changing the lives of some 35,000 babies born with heart defects in the u.s. every year. carolyn johnson, abc7 news. >> they say early targets might be the most common forms of heart defects such as arith mia or ventricular defects
2:47 am
that cause holes in the heart chambers. now to a huge fight that broke out between two wedding parties at a philadelphia hotel. this is youtube video of the scene. dozens of guests were involved, and police used batons and tasers to break up the brawl. a 57-year-old uncle of one of the brides suffered a heart attack and died. police made three arrests. some men in maine proved today they can carry their relationshipsment -- relationships. it is the annual wife carrying competition. 50 men raced over hurdles and water hazards. one couple won for a fourth year in a row. they won cash equaled to five times the wife's weight and her weight in beer. for the record it was $fifty 30. $530. now to leigh glaser and she is checking on our weather. >> i don't think i could do that. no, no, no. gang, if you are traveling tomorrow, much of the country will be dry and mild. the midsection, dallas 68.
2:48 am
no problems with those connecting flights in terms of the weather. tomorrow 60 for chicago. but check out the east coast. we are going to look for some morning showers. new york city down to washington washington, d.c., it is chilly in washington tomorrow. atlanta only reaching 66 degrees. on our side of the coast, a delightful day tomorrow, although we will start to see -- remember the cutoff low is right here. we will see some of the clouds advance toward the bay area. but still mild with sacramento 76 degrees. fresno high tomorrow of 82. l.a. tomorrow and 73. and then you will see the clouds thicken up on tuesday with a pretty good chance of seeing some showers. lingering into thursday. and keep that in mind. san diego tomorrow 72. here is a look at our accu-weather seven-day forecast. a slight chance on tuesday and wednesday. maybe some sprinkles in the south bay. temperatures will be cooler as well. and then we will warm things back up next weekend, back into the midto upper 70s. nice week ahead. >> thank you, leigh.
2:49 am
mike shumann is here with sports. and we have one team that won. >> we had one winner, yes, we did. the 49ers could be the plays of the day themselves with 621 yards of offense. but there was much more action in
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what a day for the 49ers setting a lot of new standards in their win over the bills. a franchise record 621 yards total offense. for the first time in franchise history, they had over 300 yards passing and rushing in the same game. breast cancer aware these month in the nfl looking pretty in pink. second quarter, alex smith finds kyle williams. a perfect back shoulder throw. 10-3 niners. one of seven plays over 20 yards and alex had a career high 237 yards passing in the first half. 30 seconds left in the half and smith to michael crabtree. his first catch of the year. alex had three on the day. niners up at the break. frank gore, another big day, 14 carries and 106 yards in this third quarter touchdown. when he got a run away score like this he got some time. 16-yard run here for a touchdown. 311 yards rushing. powter 5-3 the final -- 45-3
2:53 am
the final improving to 4 and 1. >> defense holding to three points is great. giving up three points in two weeks is incredible. offensively couldn't have been better. first half, a lot of penalty yards and had big plays called back. that's the scary thing. it could have been worse. >> boys, and girls, it is time to sit back and enjoy the plays of the day. brady versus manning. the patriots win it 31-21. chicago crush the jags. catch out this sweet catch. harvin ran for 108 yards leading them to a 4 and 1 record. he makes four titan players miss here. matt ryan's falcons are 5 and 0. tony gonzalez and 13 catches and 123 yards including this spectacular touchdown grab. reggie wayne 212 yards. what about this catch? luck connected with wayne for the game winning touchdown upsetting the packers.
2:54 am
drew brees, this 40-yard td pass to henderson helped brees set a record with a td pass in 48 straight games passing johnny unitas' record. those are your plays of the day. giants and the reds game two of the nlds and the g-men have never looked so anemic on offense. even the rally towels are not helping out tonight. reds go the to him early. ludwig was 1 and 16 in his career. his second hit was gone. third homerun for the reds in the series. arroyo shutdown the giants. perfect game through 4 and two-thirds. seven innings and no runs and hannigan, two r.b.i single and gave up four runs and had four k's. tim lincecum getting ready in the bull pen. agents confusion -- a little confusion whether he was supposed to go in the game. he got in and struck out hannigan. that was the only time the giants fans could cheer. in the eighth reds five runs
2:55 am
including this double by jay bruce. reds with a two-hit shutout and take a commanding series lead with a 9-0 victory. they can close out the giants in game three tuesday in cinncinati. >> you are not comfortable at all until it is over. we have been there before. it is hard to take the last breath out of anything. >> we talked about it before the post season started that it was probably going to happen. we are going to have our backs against the wall. but the motto is never give up. we will keep battling. >> our backs are officially against the wall. cardinals hosting the nationals. st. louis lead 2-1 in the eighth. two on with two out and tyler moore took care of that. 3-2 your final. well, the a's and tigers are in detroit for game two. the a's had the lead three times in this game. but too many unearned runs cost them the game. and this series is slipping away. motown was rocking. four mentioned unearned runs.
2:56 am
he pops it up and cocoa crisp has got it. both runners score 3-2 tigers. the throw is wild and he scores from third. we are tied at three. the next pitch and 3-2 count on josh reddick. struck out three times in the game. he looks like the hero and he takes a 4-3 lead. two outs and ryan cook's throw gets away. it is 4-4 ballgame. now bottom of nine. same guy and a sack fly and tigers take the lead with a fire-4 victory. they can close out the a's tuesday at the coliseum. >> you know what, we just need to win a game. we meed to go home and concentrate on tuesday. if you start thinking about three games ahead, you lose your focus on tuesday's game. >> other lds series,
2:57 am
yankees-o's. this game tied at two. a solo shot top of the 9th. yankees win it and they lead the series 1-0. this abc7 sports report brought to you by river rock casino. the a's have a better chance of winning at home than the giants on the road. >> thanks, shu. that's it for us for this evening. the news starts tomorrow at 4:30 in the morn
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